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Sam and Augustine in Gulu  2019 II.jpg


Sam has been involved in saving and rescuing children out of warzones for quite some time. Pictured below are some of the kids who are now young adults, either at school or learning a unique skill for when they decide to move on or stay within the AOEA's many training projects.


We love the people of South Sudan - it's just unfortunate that the country is so unstable. It's been war after war and to a certain extent, there is still fighting happening today by rebel militia groups in regions of the country that are no-go zones.

Our mission is to help where we can. At the moment we have around 185 Sudanese children at our main Children's home in Nimule South Sudan.

In total, Angels of East Africa (AOEA) is a registered NGO in the countries of South Sudan and Uganda - and in the USA, AOEA is a registered 501 (c3) with the IRS.


At present AOEA is responsible for around 350 children 24/7. These children are all housed, schooled and the older kids are in trade school or work at one of our projects. Some leave and want to go their own way. Once they are 18 years old they have that choice. We even have teens at College and University 

L - R. Samuel Childers and Father Sam Childers -.jpg

This is Sam Childers and Samuel Childers - he bears the same last name as MGP Sam.  (in fact a lot of the children do as Sam has adopted them) Young Samuel was rescued

from a war zone area in 2007. It's a miracle he survived such a bad injury in the bush after he was shot in the shoulder.

L - R. Samuel Childers and Father Sam Childers - Nwoya farm project 2019.jpg

Today, Samuel is a young man, training at the AOEA farm in Nwoya, Northern Uganda. Samuel wants to have his own farm one day and is gaining valuable learning experience in local and western farming methods, thanks to the team at the MGP Ranch and Training Centre.

Sam and - Northern Uganda II.jpg

Tabua is a young girl who has come a long way.  She has a disability and unfortunately because of this, she was treated in her local village by witch doctors.  She bears burns over a lot of her body from the witch doctors and their sorcery.

Her mother disowned her, as people with disabilities are not understood and shunned according to the custom in

some villages.  

Sam and Josephine- Northern Uganda.jpg

Today, Tabua is growing up to be a fine young lady and attends school at one of the AOEA homes in Northern Uganda. Sure, she struggles with some things, but is loved and cared for by the team and family at the Gulu home.

She is a remarkable girl. Now she has opportunity and a future with Angels of East Africa (AOEA).


15 years ago Northern Uganda was a no-go zone as Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) had control of many parts of the far North and South Sudan, along with fringe areas of the Congo.

The best way to describe Kony is a terrorist!

A self-confessed prophet and brutal killer, he is wanted for war crimes and has escaped capture for more than two decades. His rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is notorious for abducting thousands of children to use as soldiers or sex slaves.

A former Cult altar boy, he has waged war and ordered violent attacks, first in his own country (Uganda) and then, after being forced out, in South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lots of Sam's older children bear the scars of Kony and the LRA - some were shot, witnessed the murder of their families, and were even forced to kill their mothers and fathers. This unbelievable cruelty by Kony and his LRA put fear into the hearts of the people in Uganda and South Sudan.

Today Uganda is a peaceful nation - Joseph Kony and his militia are believed to be hiding somewhere in the Congo. He has never been found although much time was spent by the USA and Ugandan forces trying to track him down to bring him to justice for his crimes against humanity.

Nimule Orphanage 2019 3.jpg

Rescued child in South Sudan

Alex is a young man with a big future, despite losing his arm after being attacked by the LRA when he was a young boy. Thanks to Sam Childers and his Team who rescued him from an LRA attack in a village in South Sudan, he survived. Listen to Alex's story by clicking on the video. (Alex now lives in Uganda with Sam)

Nimule, South Sudan III.jpg

One of the hard working ladies that can cook up to a 1,000 meals every day

Sam in Nimule, South Sudan.jpg

Sam with some of the kids he rescued- South Sudan

Sam with Child at Orphanage.jpg

Children's Village, Nimule, South Sudan

Sam Childers MGP Projects, .jpg

Children's Village, Nimule, South Sudan




Not so long ago Sam headed out bush with

some local government soldiers and his own security team to rescue children.

On this particular rescue, Sam brought back 23 children who were hiding in the bush, trapped in a

no-go zone which had been plundered by a local militia group in the Western Equatoria region. Many villagers were killed by the rebel group.

If you can Help Sam do more rescues see the donation box below



If you would like to help Sam Childers, maybe think about making a donation via the PayPal link just here. Every dollar helps us in saving, rescuing, housing, feeding and schooling children that are victims of unfortunate circumstances.

We take nearly any currency via the PayPal link below. You can donate via Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc or if you have a Paypal account you donate directly from that.

Thank you so much!

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