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Angels of East Africa (AOEA) has around 600 acres of land that is planted with small crops and rice. This is used for our own orphanages and some of our feeding programs as well as the refugee camps and our emergency relief projects.

AOEA also sells some produce at wholesale dealers and retailers around Uganda.

The farm employs and has in training around 80 people at any one time. This is all thanks to you who have donated over the years, and made this project come together. Our last rice harvest was around 90 tons - that feeds a lot of people.

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_27_12.Still021.jpg

One of the workers ploughs a field getting ready to plant a crop

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_15_26.Still017.jpg

Sam Childers pictured at his Nwoya farm with bagged  rice he gave away to refugee camps in Northern Uganda


"Our farm is truly blessed" said Sam Childers... "we've just given away 90 tons of rice to refugee camps and villagers who are starving, while at the same time feeding our own people and orphanage programs".

"Its an incredible thing to be able to supply food to a starving group of people. Most are refugees as the result of the conflict in South Sudan they have fled to the camps in Northern Uganda and nearby areas"

Sam Childers said


Thanks to our faithful supporters,  we are able to do what we do - Serve and protect people and rescue children. The farm is one spoke in the Angels of East Africa wheel. Not only is it feeding people but it's also a training centre for young men and women who want to learn skills.

"We don't just feed people - we train them so they can learn a skill and a trade to pass on to their children and their children's, children".

- Sam Childers

At any one time, we could have 80 people working at the farm or being trained on the farm. From welding and small crop farming to learning to drive farm equipment, it all happens at our Nwoya, Northern Ugandan farm. We also have approximately 80 cattle, a piggery with over 150 pigs, goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, and ducks. Everything that happens on a larger farm, we pretty well have on this project. 

Our 6 bedroom/bathroom guesthouse is used continually for overseas guests who help train students or assist in our mission programs.  This is an important tool for training our young women in the hotel hospitality field.

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_24_06.Still020.jpg
Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_22_23.Still019.jpg
Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_05_38_05.Still006.jpg
Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_38_02.Still025.jpg

Harvesting onions

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_19_17.Still018.jpg
Goats at the farm.jpg

Some of our goats at the Nwoya farm

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_39_14.Still026.jpg

One of the many trainees on the farm


A lot has happened since we first started at the MGP Farm in 2013. Our plan is to purchase more land and grow more crops - in particular rice. 'and have more livestock'

At the moment we are working around 600 acres with crops, and the rest is used for grazing or cattle, goats & other stock. God has truly blessed this project beyond what we had ever dreamed We believe there is still much expansion to be done in the coming years.

All this and more is because of you, our faithful donors, who give regularly to support and train the people of Northern Uganda. We thank you so much for being a part of this growing vision.

Maybe even think about coming on one of the 3 or 4 mission trips we have during the year. Check out more about mission trips at this link here.

The most important thing with any of our projects is the people. All our work crews are paid - even our trainees are paid the Ugandan daily wage rate. Most of our workers and trainees have been victims of past wars. Some have only come in recently from refugee camps for employment.


If you would like to make a donation to the MGP Farm you can do so by clicking on the link below. Together let's Save, Feed and Train young people who otherwise would be destitute.

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Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_09_33_05.Still023.jpg

MGP Sam Childers and Ps. Mike checking out the land: Nyowa, Northern Uganda

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