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Our main children's home is in Nimule, South Sudan. It's called "The Children's Village". Here we have around 185 children at any one time - these kids are in our care 24/7 so we have homes, school, medical care and all the things that are needed for a growing child including the most important of all. Lots of LOVE.

The Children's Village also has a hall which is used as the church on Sundays, and a meeting place during the week where children sing and dance in the evenings. There are no TVs here so activities in the evening are popular once all the meals are finished.

Children's Home in Gulu, Northern Uganda - This is run by our house mothers who can look after up to 20 children.   The children who excel at school have the opportunity to come into Uganda. For those who study hard, school here can lead to college or university with the choice to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc.

Children's home in Kampala, Uganda - This is where the children come to attend the best schools and colleges. We have around 15-20 here at any one time. These are the triple-A students from Gulu or South Sudan who are serious about wanting a career.

Sunday Church service

Sunday is a favourite day for our children as they LOVE going to Church. It's a day where they sing, dance, and celebrate our Saviour Jesus.

There's always lots of excitement happening at Church and the older children often get an opportunity to give a message to the younger ones.

Up to 4 times a year we have mission teams come in and stay at the Children's Village in Nimule, South Sudan. The team gets an opportunity to minister to the children and tell them about the countries they came from. 

Sams explains about Mission Trips to Uganda & South Sudan.00_11_01_14.Still033.jpg

Children's church service, Nimule, South Sudan

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Children play on the equipment at the Children's Village in Nimule, South Sudan

Sth Sudan orhpanage - Our children with some of there toys.jpg


Children are taught at an early age to make things. The favourite activity of the boys is making cars, trucks and motorcycles out of scrap materials.

They use old tins, scrap wood from pallets and even rubber flip flops to make the wheels/tyres for the cars. Metal coat hanger wire is used and even metal pallet strapping for the vehicle's suspension.

The older boys teach the younger ones and as you can see, some of our children are very creative when making these toys.

WALTER - The boy Sam Childers and his Team rescued.

Walter was the victim of a brutal and senseless Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) attack. He was travelling in the family car with his parents and his sister, Angela, when the rebels ambushed them.

“There were two soldiers behind, and in front, and on either side. So they told us to get out of the car and we started running and they shot us so we fell down,” Walter said. Walter’s parents were killed, Angela was shot through the neck, and Walter was shot in the face.

“Reverend Sam [Childers] came with the SPLA (Sudanese People’s Liberation Army) and they took us to Gulu hospital”. Sam took Walter to America, where surgeons repaired his eye socket and fitted a glass eye.

After the surgery, Walter returned to Sudan and for a short time lived at The Children’s Village in Nimule.

Walter is a young man who has overcome many challenges, he continues to grow loves the creative arts. 




Manal came to us some years back

He came to us with his brother when their village was attacked by militia forces within South Sudan. Soldiers brought him to the orphanage. Unfortunately, we were never able to find any family.  The locals told us they believed all the family had been killed in the attack.


Today Manal lives at our Children's Village in Nimule, South Sudan with his brother. They are doing well at school and love playing soccer with the other children.

SS 1.jpg

Tabua is growing up to be a fine young lady


Tabua is in one of the AOEA homes and attends school in Gulu, Northern Uganda.  In many parts of South Sudan, disabilities like hers are considered evil, and the witch-doctors "cures" have left burn marks all over her body. When her mother died of malaria, she was left with no family.  Tabua struggles with some things but is loved and cared for by the team and family at the Gulu home. She is a remarkable girl with opportunity and a future with Angels of East Africa (AOEA).



If you would like to help the Machine Gun Preacher with housing, feeding, and looking after these children then maybe consider donating to an amazing project like this. See DONATION PayPal link below

You can even go and visit this and the other Children's homes when you go on a mission trip to Uganda and South Sudan (SEE HERE)

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Sam Childers with some of his children at the Children's Village in Nimule, South Sudan

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