Humble Beginnings

3C Church (formally -  Shekinah Fellowship) and the Local Community

3C Church and congregation have strong ties to the local Central City community. In addition to providing a centre for spiritual growth and learning, Sam, has a dedicated congregation that regularly host charitable events and distribute food and clothing to families in need. In the winter months, when the snow is thick on the ground, the congregation provide families with oil and other heating materials.

3C Church is warm hearted, welcoming and accepting. If you’re looking for a new church, or maybe just interested in taking a look, come and pay us a visit in Central City.

Taking the Message to the People

The Machine Gun Preacher Tour

When he’s not rescuing children in Southern Sudan or preaching at the 3c Church, Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers likes to hit the road. He tours across the U.S.A, and around the world, to speak on the pitfalls of drug and alcohol addiction, discuss his 20 year battle in Southern Sudan, and preach what he likes to call “a Message of Hope.”

In America, he tours with a 40 foot long custom built Machine Gun Preacher trailer that’s loaded with goodies for the whole family. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the latest MGP RAT Bike. Best of all, profits from Sam’s speaking tours fund the Angels of East Africa missions.

Check for details of Sam’s current tours or contact us to enquire about booking Sam for a speaking engagement.

No borders. No restraints.

Helping where it’s Needed Most

3C Church and Angels of East Africa have a policy of never turning a blind eye to a person, community, or nation in need. With such lofty idealism comes a real commitment to making a difference and this commitment would mean nothing without action. We assisted during the tragic United 93 crash and helped to rescue survivors and recover bodies in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Banda Aceh tsunami. Angels of East Africa has also saved thousands of children from starvation and enslavement and we continue to assist the people of Southern Sudan in any way we can.

No matter how difficult the task we will always endeavour to help those in need. You can help us by making a donation or buying merchandise. All profits go directly into our aid programs.

Walking the Talk

How Can You Help?

Sometimes a little goes a long way. We regularly fill shipping containers with hundreds of small donations that people from all over the world have sent to us. Simple items like clothing, shoes, toiletries and non-perishable food items are valuable commodities in Southern Sudan and will make a big difference to a child’s quality of life.

If donating or collecting donations isn’t you thing, why not buy a t-shirt from our store: you’ll look cool wearing your new threads and your money will be used to feed someone who would otherwise go hungry.

You can even visit our orphanage in Nimule, Southern Sudan and help the children using your own two hands. There’s nothing quite like building a new dormitory, sinking a new well or painting a water tower while surrounded by a sea of smiling children.

LOOK GOOD + DO GOOD: Buy a Shirt, Build a Future.

Visit our store for more information on our shirts.

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