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  1. KARON BIHARI says:

    I saw a SAG screening on Sept. 14, 2011 of your beautiful film …

    I was inspired, tossed, awestruck, filled with love & faith … I stood up and spoke to Gerry about how magnificent I felt the film was from the story of Sam’s journey to get to the children, to the whole production of the film, to the genius actors, to how important the message is & that I hope & pray that everyone in the world gets to see it …
    I have become closer to God since seeing this inspiring work. I love God more now & pray each day for the saftey of all of you and the children.

    For Gerry to step up & make an important film like this with all his might & passion now, especially with the ickyness of the Hollywood machine abounding, I find him to be a man of honor! He is amazing! I have such respect & admiration for him now, I wish I knew a man like he & Sam in my life. Just to know they exist is wonderful …

    Thank you for honoring us with this marvelous journey & a glimpse into selflessness & giving …


    Karon in NY

  2. Chahlie Stecker says:

    I have been Fighting for Abused and Neglected Children here in the U.S.A. for most of my Adult Life. Tonight I was Blessed to be able to be at the Premier of “Machine Gun Preacher” in Philadelphia along with meeting Sam Childers himself.

    The Movie and Sam relit the ember that had been slowly starving itself out. I to am a FREEDOM FIGHTER and I Will NOT Accept Anything Less than Success and My Best Effort to Accomplish my Goal.

    TY Sam for your time and Mission.

    I’m attaching a recent Front Cover Newspaper Story that was written about a Portion of my childhood and the Catalyst for my Mission. Thank You in Advance for reading it and showing your Support For Sam and his Mission and Hopefully you will choose to assist me in mine as well.

  3. Jason Alldred says:

    As fate would have it my wife forgot her phone when she left this morning, so I jumped in my truck to try to catch her and this is when I heard Sam on the radio. Having two young girls and listening to Sam’s stories I began to well up. These are not the stories we should have to hear about poor inocent childern I thought to myself wiping tears from my face. Now that I am home and have calmed down I decided to view the website to see how to become involved and help. My plan is to ride out in the coming weeks to the shop and talk to someone to find out how I can help and/or lend my services to the cause. Please contact me. Thanks and keep up the great work , Jason

  4. May Wang says:

    Dear Sam,

    I met you at the LA Premiere, have been on an amazing journey and am inspired by your cause. Many astounding connections with my father who also volunteers and was like that impoverished boy searching for his brother killed in a war zone, the transformation after my baptism through Mosaic last month like Gerard’s character and currently I’m filming “Gunrunner”, a female version of the “Machine Gun Preacher” with updates on

    I’ve been spreading the word through friends and facebook. What else can be done? Thank you for the support.


  5. My wife and I have just finished viewing the movie Hialieah. FL Sept. 27. We are ministering in Kenya now for 10 years , and so any movie that has a topic dealing with Africa we are interested in seeing. I want to first say that the the level of violence that the LRA inflicted on the people of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda that the film showed was accurate and not exaggerated. Brother Sam, you are like Nehemiah who when he heard the condition of his people got angry and did something about it.

    This film brought great encouragement to our lives as we are preparing to return to Kenya in 3 weeks, but we have been discouraged due to some adversities here in the US. But as you said in the movie, “I am their voice for now”. There is a orphanage in a small town in Western Kenya known as “Kakamega” that we partner with there are 22 boys that we try to help as best as we could.

    You have shown my brother that even if there is just one voice , that is enough for God to use. Even when you feel you are the only one speaking. You have shown that if we surrender due to opposition who will be the voice to the those that are to oppressed to speak. My wife and I have come out of the movie more determine then ever that we will be the voice to those that are unable to shout out for help.

    Richard & Modesta in S.FL

  6. Dan says:

    I just returned from a two week trip on border of Darfur. I am very anxious to see the movie. Spent a week at an orphanage in Nyamlal and a week in Jaac (middle of nowhere) training pastors and traveling with mobile medical clinic. Thank you for your courage and long, long time in the good fight for the children of South Sudan.

    • Aaron says:

      I am curious as to why you need to say “the border with Darfur”? Nyamlal is in Northern Bahr Gazal. Yes it borders the southern end of South Darfur. But it isn’t Darfur. And it has or has had a totally different set of problems than Darfur. Darfur is a buzzword, I know. Even Sam talks about a trip to Darfur. He never went to Darfur, he went to Northern Bahr Gazal and Warrap states. Quite different than Darfur. But I guess a blog title of “Machine Gun Preacher’s trip to Warrap” would not be nearly as exciting for people who don’t know this country at all.

  7. Barry says:

    I have not seen the movie but I would love to meet and talk. I will be in Baltimore in Oct. We could meet or you can just email me. I am African and a pastor here in the states, I have been here since 1980. I have gone through a lot of healing from what I went through in my childhood. I know wholeness and healing is what our heavenly Father wants from me as well as rebuilding lives and communities. I am pushing for all the answers about healing broken people and I am so happy to hear your story . I look forward to meeting you .

  8. Johanna Edwards says:

    I saw your movie last night, in Toronto, ON. I didn’t know if I would be able to sit through it. Having spent a little bit of time in Uganda in 2005 and now supporting two little girls I met there; it was almost too close to home. However, I stayed, I cried, I thought about my girls living outside of Kampala. I remembered when I returned from Uganda, I asked God why I had been born in Canada, in a safe, secure home where I was always clothed and feed and never had to worry about anything and these children had been born into such suffering. War and AIDS have destroyed millions of families there. God never really answered that question, but He did instilled in me the importance of sending support back because of the life He had given me. Watching your film last night reaffirmed that to me. So I encourage everyone who sees your film and visits this site to give, even a little. If Jesus can turn 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes into enough food to feed thousands of people, he can certainly turn your $5 into $500,000. and more. May God continue to bless your ministry, Sam – Johanna

  9. Marco Rivera says:

    I have served in the us military and now a police officer with over 22 years on the job. I thought I knew bravery I was wrong. A white man to go in the African bush and put his ass on the line for other people that is true bravery! God bless you and yes God will forgive your sins.

  10. Sandi Byrnes says:

    I am inspired & have not even seen the movie yet! Do you have positions that need to be filled on short term or temporary assignments? I will donate money as the Lord leads me to do so but would also be interested in helping in person if possible. May God bless you and keep you safe to save the children! My prayers will be with you!
    A sister in Christ,
    Sandi :)

  11. Justin says:

    As a 29 year old single man, I refelect on my life, and see nothing but self preservation. I want, NOW, to do something different. I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve read the story, and I’ve decided here and now that these are the foot steps I want to follow in. At one point in my life I was slated to be an elite soldier of war, and now I want to be a righteous hand of God. Protecting the innocent. Spreading love. I am willing to sacrifice my life to build a better planet.

    I’m doing this by starting a training phase, and searching for a sponosring church to become a missionary/warrior/guardian/spokesman.

    if anyone is interested in helping me on what I want to make my life’s quest…please let me know….

  12. Cindy says:

    I just saw the movie, and I am so blessed by what you are doing. A few years ago, I read some autobiographies written by African boys and girls who suffered atrocities and eventually escaped out of there to America and wrote their story to enlighten the world. My heart was heavy and saddened by all that goes on and I wanted to help in some way…but was reluctant to just send money to an organization and not have the money really be put to good use. I am thrilled to now have a place to send funds to help out those suffering from the Arab militia attacks and the LRA, and other similar groups. THANK YOU!! Sam, you are saving lives and preaching the Gospel – you are truly an inspiration to us all. I will be praying constantly for you and all those with and around you… I will even pray that God will change the Heart of the leader of the LRA!
    God Bless!
    Cindy in CA

  13. Wenli says:

    I would have loved to watch this premiere soon, but was referred to this site by a friend. I work as a full-time program director for gang prevention, child abuse prevention, and substance abuse, part-time college and career counseling and consultant for businesses and other nonprofit organizations. After reading more about MGP, I think it’s great to have the mover and shakers. I returned from my graduate program at Harvard and recently finished my doctorate program but I haven’t lost the passion for creating change and facilitating hope to reach one’s potential. I’m involved with organizations and we need creative ways to help people in ways that reach them. When I teach hip hop dance to young kids and even teen girls, I find that it’s a great way also to teach them about body image and self-esteem through the movement of dance. Sometimes we just need an avenue, and other times, we just need to have the option to travel on the right type of path. Keep up the spirit and efforts.

  14. Christina Hagan says:

    I have been struggling with my life trying to find out what God wants me to do. I always grew up in a christian home with very wonderful loving parents who help me everyday with lifes problems. When I came across the film trailer and saw the movie today I was in shock on how much someone can do that may seem little but can make a difference to the lives of children. I am a teacher and help out in the ministry at a small but wonderful church in coconut creek Florida. I want to know where I can send anything the children will need donation wise and to come visit and help out with my bare hands. God has been speaking to me about going on mission trips and helping out in many places and I am not going to fight this blessing he wants me to do for him and the children. I have already traveled half around the world and helped with children and building places. You are an inspirational man of god and god bless you and everything that you do for his name.

    Your sister in christ… Christina :)

  15. Lori Handrahan says:


    You, your wife and your daughter make courage look like a small word….
    God bless and God’s speed.

  16. Pam says:

    I saw the movie this weekend and was awed by your commitment to these children. I work at a community college sharing your story to my colleagues in hopes that they will see the movie then go to your website and donate to help the cause. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your committment. You ARE an angel.

  17. Mary Nazarian says:

    I must confess. Had I not been a Gerard Butler fan I would not have seen the movie. The movie wasn’t playing in my hometown of Fresno, CA so my friend and I drove up North to San Jose to see it. Family and friends thought I was crazy to drive 2.5 hours to see a movie. Well I wonder what they’ll think of Sam Childers!!!! I can honestly say that I am not the same person after having seen this movie. I felt almost the same way as when I did after seeing The Passion of The Christ. I WILL DO whatever in my power to make everyone around me including my employer be aware of this horrific situation. THANK YOU SAM, GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOU. I’m a single mom, but I will donate whatever I can monthly and do my best to get other people to donate also. I’m planning on going door to door on my street and tell my neighbors to help out. I am a grandchild of the Armenian massacre by the Turks of 1915. WE MUST DO WHATEVER WE CAN TO END THIS HORRIFIC SITUATION.

  18. Becky Hogan says:

    My husband and I went with 12 Stones Fellowship to see the movie on October 7th! I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the book, visiting Sam and Lynn’s church and being involved with the organization for a few years now. There are not appropriate words to articulate how desperate and urgent this need is! We only sponsor 1 child from the children’s village, and now I feel like my heart may explode with desire to do so much more! God has used Sam, Lynn and Paige to do incredible things for HIS glory! I am honored to support an organization that is full of imperferct people like me to care for the most broken and needy! My family and I continue to pray for AOE, for the Childers family and for our precious Leli everyday. Please also lift Dito up right now while he is in Africa helping! Thank you Sam, Lynn, Paige, Justin and all of the wonderful people that I met at the Women’s Conference for ALL the sacrifices that you choose to make to bring glory to our GOD!

  19. Desi Green says:

    I saw the film today, and I was moved beyond words. I pray that God keeps you safe Sam to continue God’s work and what he’s tasked you to do. I made a donation, but as Sandi stated, I too am interested in helping in person. I pray that many people see the film and buy your book to really understand what is happening over there. Thank you again for demonstrating what can be achieved when we follow God’s word. God keep you.

  20. nathan says:

    My sister lives 4 miles from your shop an told me about you. I am a intrested in what you do . I have been thinking a lot about mission work was wondering if you had any such works. Drove by your shop today looks sweet I am a car builder by hobbie doing couple rat rods right now and just like your shop walls. I am ordained but dont preach well those I help say I do lol. Any way you just seem like a person I would like to meet up with sometime.

  21. Glenn Chavez says:


    My name is Glenn Chavez I have seen the movie portraying you life and calling. The church I attend goes somewhere around the world to build churches and help people better thier live and to give them a sence of ownership and pride in what they have accomplished. We the church body, Raise money and donate our time and effort to help expand the kingdome of God around the world. I was moved by your willingness to go on faith to do what you do in such a dangerous area of Africa. Pray, listen, and obey and you will be blessed. I think of Psalm 27 when I think of you. I would like to know what your needs are there now and How Can We Help You. We have a group of talented guys that can build, mininster, and are willing to put themselves out by faith. I felt compeled to do more than just talk about what your doing for the kingdom but to help if it is ment to be. Please respond If you feel like we can help.


    Glenn Chavez

  22. Nicole says:

    Hello my name is Nicole and I just wanted to tell you I really loved your movie. I enjoy hearing people’s testimonies and love to see the power of God at work! I got radically saved in 2006. The Lord set me free from an 11 year addiction to drugs, alcohol and witchcraft. I went through massive deliverance and since then have been sold out for Jesus. My heart’s desire is to be used by God to reach a dying and hurting world with the love of Christ. Your movie really just made that desire even stronger. I would love to do something with my life that makes a difference in this world and helps other people. I saw that we could go with you to Africa and help but I couldn’t figure out how to get information on doing that with you. Can you please send some information on how I can go about doing something like that? Thank you and God Bless.

  23. Matt Kehn says:

    Heard about the film and watched it with my wife in AZ on Oct 14. It reignited a passionate heart that was slowly hardening to the world and its darkness.

    Living and working in Uganda for the past 10 years has been the most valuable opportunity in serving others. But it is not easy. I have again been reminded of the importance of sacrificing your life to serve and save others through the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

    Visiting northern Uganda numerous times even while Kony and the LRA were active in the area to encourage the Church and assist in various ways, I have heard and seen these real stories of people suffering greatly. My heart continues to beat for the child soldiers and communiities devastated by the rebel movement.

    Even though I understand many spiritual and physical variables that have led to these atrocities, I believe in hope and optimistically seek to make a difference in individual lives. I now lead ABIDE – a Christian discipleship training program in Uganda to equip disadvantaged youth as the next generation of leaders who will transform their own communities and nation for Christ. The potential for change is incredible.

    You can learn more by visiting:

    Together we can see East Africa transformed by a new generation of good leaders who will change the cycle of poverty, corruption and violence. Rescued and raised to rebuild a nation.

  24. Hi,

    I saw the movie 2 days ago, and I loved it! It reminded me of the war in Beriut- Lebanon, where I was born and raised. It was hard as a child, hard as a teenager.. Although we were more fortunate, because at least we had our home, we were not hungry, and we had (and still have) our parents, thank God! So I can’t even imagine what these poor little kids go through…

    I always wanted to get involved in a charity.. I always knew it has to be for kids. I always knew I wanted to help the orphans, because my mom lost her parents when she was little, and gave us all the love and affection that she had missed… So now I know who I want to help! And I will make sure that even everyone around me help these kids too!

    God bless them and protect them!!!! xxx

  25. sue allen says:

    Dear Sam
    I was lucky and got a free ticket with my daughter to see your film
    I was so empressed I had to write to you I have been a christen all my life I have had a good happy life with 4 wonderful children and a wonderful husband so I am blessed
    I was a nurse and love children and wanted to travel and help other countries unfortunately I have health problems so cant do it I have Inflammatory bowel disease arthritis and other problems so I am disabled
    for years I have helped a wonderul vicar in our village give her life to children in India and I have sponsored two children now adults and I am sponsoring two more and I love to hear from them 4 yrs ago my daughter visited India and met our children it was wonderful
    we now help older poeple and help with their sight l;ast year we help several older people with the gift of sight which was wonderul
    what I am trying to say is that we can all help if not hands on
    your film filled my heart with joy and sadness and I praise you for what you are going in the name of god
    well done and keep on the hard work your blessed to be able to do it dont ever forget that

    yours Sue

  26. Jack and Margarita says:

    We just came back from seeing the picture today Oct. 25,2011 my husband and I. I heard about these atrocities in Africa and I was always wondering how come the United States does not do anything about this!, because there is no oil there?, I am glad that there is a man with the courage like Sam to go and fight for the children!. My husband and I do not have much and we are older but I am donating what we can, and we will be praying for you and the children of Africa. God Bless you and the children!!!
    Thank you for your compassion!

  27. Cale Edgington says:

    Mr. Childers, you are an incredibly brave man.

    As a brother in Christ, I commend what you’ve done. I wish you and your family the best for the selfless dedication that you’re showing to young children who are obviously in need of your help.

    I know what I’m about to say sounds small and insignificant, but I wish to help in any way that I possibly can if you need it. If more people had your courage, the world would be a far better place.

    ~ PVT. Cale C. Edgington, Iowa National Guard.

  28. Paul Hayward says:

    you are a total inspiration to us all. What you have been doing on behalf of God will never be forgotten. I first met you at my church here in Australia in November 2009 and have been following your movements ever since. My 14 year old son has started to follow you and we often discuss what is happening in Sudan and it’s impact on people. I pray for you and your support staff and i hope that you succeed in helping the people that you come into contact with. I trust that you keep safe and well.
    God Bless you!
    Paul Hayward.

  29. Danton (Danny) Hardman says:

    Hello Sam and family,

    I just read Another Man’s War and finished the book with my jaw on the floor and my hands in the air. Caught somewhere between disgust(at the atrocities) and remarkably inspired(by such bravery)….

    I just wanted to say thank you to Sam and all those for doing what they do. Your sacrifice is selfless and beautiful.

    Two things happened after reading Sam’s book…and despite the fact that this email may never be read…I feel it is important to communicate the following and to sincerely thank you all.

    1. God and I are back on the line.
    2. I believe in super hero’s again…like when I was a child. Thanks Sam.

    I live in Delaware and work in DE, and all over Pennsylvania as a sales consultant. I am a single man of little financial means so I’ll start with some store purchases…however that is not enough…I am talented and driven and want to be involved on the ground floor. I want to help whether that be dedicating my time and energy (fortune 500 sales and media background) as a resource rallying for support…to going as far as taking my vacation time to be in Africa assisting in any way needed. I am compelled by something strong to be a part of this. God bless and thank you for truly making a difference and empowering those supremely less fortunate.

    Please have someone contact me. I’ll be an asset to your mission and most importantly these children.

    Danny Hardman

  30. TERESA STARKEY says:

    I have just got home after watching the movie, a very powerful film, it was difficult to watch and I felt a lot of different emotions. Thank you for showing what is happening, its easy to forget that these horror’s are real and happening now, whilst the rest of the world go through our normal days work. keep up the good work Sam. God bless you and your family x

  31. Paula says:

    I saw MGP this past Sat. and I have to say I felt like I didn’t breathe the entire movie! It left a lasting impression on me.
    I am glad this movie was made because there are people out there that don’t believe the Holocaust happened! This is proof that mankind can be so brutal and evil in today’s world. So many of us are numb to the stories of war and the people it affects. I think this is partly why this movie has received so much bad press, they are looking at it like it is a fantastical made up story and not the truth it portrays!
    I have to say, oddly enough, that I am no longer afraid to go to Africa on a mission trip! I have had the opportunity to go but have had fears that have kept me back. My church has a church plant in the Sudan with the Jolla Fonya people and there have been about 3 trips a year I believe since we have started the partnership about 5 years ago.
    I just want to thank you for being honest and frank about your experiences at home and abroad. It is refreshing to see someone who has genuinely turned their life around. I too know many people who aren’t here due to their choices (drugs and alcohol) and stupid risks (driving drunk).
    I hope that MGP gets nationwide release and people will see it for more than what the critics have tagged it to be!
    God Bless!

  32. Saffa says:

    My mother, Awatif is from Sudan and I used to live there. I am inspired by this story and organisations like this are those most deserving of effort, not those that promise a better life though consumerism, for those who already have one.

    These people needlessly suffer without the basic human rights we take for granted everyday. I will take action and not live a life seeking false promises, but seek the truth and bring some good to those who really need it, by making this life, now, worth something!

    We will wake up someday and realise these are my people and yours, we are all a family and if everyone realised this, the world would be a better place. Dont waste your life seeking material success or you will waste their lives too by ignoring what is going on in the world!

    Saffa McGlynn Cheltenham, UK



  34. Ulus ALTAY says:

    Dear Sam,
    I am writing this words from Turkey.I am lawyer and I believe in god, may be i am not a christian but you are a holly man of all religons. When i was watch your movie at the first time i understand your fight against to all evils. And i asked my self how can I join to him to help these people. I have good educated person, I am also use AK-47 very well because i had completed my military obligation in the border of between Turkey and Syrian. I think world gonna change on the hands of hopefull warriors. I wanna say good luck my brother but i wont because your faith is bigger than luck… May gods strenght be with you…

  35. nadim abou assi says:

    hey, im nadim and im from lebanon..i saw the movie the machine gun preacher and i was really inspired..but at first i thought it was just a story it turns out to be there’s truly a machine gun preacher..I still have a question why don’t you (Sam Childers) just fucking kill Joseph Kony and finish him ! when you kill the snake by its head it will be dead but if you kill it by the tail it will just keep on living !!

  36. MICHAEL RIMELL says:

    Wow, where do I start?

    I picked up the DVD last night only because Gerard Butler was on the cover of the box and I just wanted to put my feet up and watch a “shoot em up.” I certainly wasn’t expecting to be getting and education! Not only that, I have been following the KONY 2012 campaign and when I realised the connection in the film it sent a tingle down my spine.

    Although not a born again christian, I have gone through my own life changing experience in the last 16 months hitting my own rock bottom through alcoholism and am now an active member of AA. My reliance on AA and on my God of my own understanding and the principles that I follow are not too dissimilar.

    There is so much that I related to in Sams’ personal story and his desire to give something back once he came through his own personal crisis and embarked on his journey of rediscovery of himself.

    When I get back on my feet financially I will be going to Uganda on the Mission Trip.

    Michael, Marbella, Spain.

  37. Matthew Novack says:

    I just watched this movie for the first time the other night. I traveled to Gulu in January and was able to see the “abandoned” IDP camps that still had thousands of people living in them because they still cannot travel back to their homesteads. I witnessed and spoke to many Acholi people and realized that they had lost a generation of knowledge by living in these camps for the past 20 years. The ones that have traveled back to their homesteads still are not sure how to fend for themselves anymore either. I was moved by this and under the direction of my church, I will be leading a team of 30 to the Gulu region to help these people readjust to life after the war. MGP just stoked the fire that was already brewing in my heart for the people there. My prayer is that I can take a team to Gulu this year and enough interest will be there when we come back that I can take 2 teams next year. One to Gulu and the other to South Sudan. We are just looking for a location in South Sudan to travel to right now.

    This movie put a visual picture to the horrific stories that were told to us. I was partly unable to visualize what trauma the people experienced when they just talk through words. But seeing it in a visual state, I could place the children that I met on the faces of the actors in the movie. Very moving, eye-opening, and I cannot wait till it comes to DVD. Thank you for your passion and dedication.

    Matthew Novack

  38. says:

    my husband and i just watched the movie. and every big celebration we ask for childrens coloring books and small toys for kids groups . next year is my 55 birthday and hopefully I will be able to get a few items for your kids. thank god for people like u . I have been on ur old path and am very happy to say i have chosen a different path. god bless

  39. Mars mother of 5 says:

    Wow, how ignorant do i feel after watching this film. My husband and i settled in for the evening to watch a movie something to entertain us not knowing what this film was about. Well, i can honestly say i have been changed, touched, moved, cried, mad as hell and ignorant and embarrassed that i had no idea this was happening, shame on me. At the beginning of the movie i wanted to turn if off thinking this was just another crazy film about drug addicts and i was thankful we didn’t call our daughter in to watch. I am in shock and so very sad and feel absolutely helpless, Sam, You ROCK, you are definitely my hero, i will do everything in my power to pass this story on and let everyone know to donate but first of all i want them to watch the film and i know they will do everything in their power to pass this on and to help with any amount of donation doesn’t matter if its $5.00 to $500.00 even more if they have it. we are from Canada but doesn’t matter where we are from the whole world has to come together to help, PROTECT, FEED and RAISE these children. I was very surprised to hear that Sam was still alive, i thought for sure he gave up or was killed (sorry). I have never ever been touched like this by a movie or even real life. Thank You for making me aware of this horrible, indescripable reality that is going on everyday;. We think “out of sight of of mind” thank you for opening our eyes. OMG, i am so ashamed of my ignorants but will do everything in my power to help. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK, GOD BLESS, AND BE SAFE!

  40. melissa says:

    When i saw the movie i cried and i cried and cried. When the movie ends i searched this web and donate it just took me 1 minute to do it whit out thinking. You are amezing, tough guy but whit a big heart. Its incredible all you have done to save those kids, forgotten kids. We all live our simple lives and we think its hard. We always complaint about everything and dont appreciate what we have in our lives. I’m from venezuela, nobody nows how hard is living there ,everyday got kill about 50 people and the weekends about 100, and the end of the month about 500 people. Thats the reason why i live now in spain, trying to scape. But after seeing this movie and kony videos that makes my heart cry. I will try to help every month, i dont have a stable job, but donate 5$ is not drinking 4 coffees ,so is nothing to me but alot for those kids. I will help as much as i can.

  41. Simon Richards says:

    I have never been a religious person and to be honest i probably nerver will i just want to say If there were more people like you Sam then the world would be a nicer place.
    Good luck with your future endevours and i hope you have meany more years of doing good ahead of you

    Simon Richards, UK

  42. Beckii says:

    I have just seen the film ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ and it literally hurt my heart. It’s made me feel like I don’t just want to sit here doing nothing while all of that is going on in the world. I am wanting to arrange some kind of event in the summer to raise money for this cause. I don’t know how big it will be or how much I will raise, since I am only a student and don’t quite know what to do, but I want to do something. I know it won’t be anything compared to what you do though. You are an inspiration to everyone and I wish so many more people were like you.

    God bless you and your family.
    Beckii, Leicestershire, UK.

  43. Rafal says:


    I just watched film about Sam Childers, and I must say, I’m very, very much inspired by this person. I know, that the film with Butler is some sort of fiction, but this isn’t important. The most important it is, that every ordinary man, like Sam Childer, can help others people. No mather what kind of person You are, You can help others. You don’t have to make big dedications and change your’s life like Sam. You could just give little of your support to people like Sam.

    I think that the best part of the film about Sam is when he, and his family, are on the party at the hause of the car diller. It’s great scene which schows, that people of “our world” could spend more money on extravagances (extraordinary food, party etc.), than to help the people who realy needs a help (money?). This is very sad scene of the film, but also the greates one!

    Anyway, I’m very, very impressed about the film, and about Sam Childers. He inspired me much. First, I’ve done some reserch in the web, and then, I though I could really make a world better like Sam did. Now I’m thinking how… but this is only short matter of time, when I figured out The Way. There is lot of evil in the world and I think that, everyone could do something about it. It’s not required to go to Sudan. I think, that in every country there is much to do, and there are many people, which requires the help…

    please forgive me poor english, becouse I’m from Poland-very, very European country with very good people, but with not so great government, last (communist) history and current education ;-)


    good, very good work Sam! I’m impressed!

  44. Elvis Fernandes says:

    Hi Sam

    I just saw a few days back a video about the attrocities that Kony had done against humanity, this video had made literally shook me up. It disturbed me further to know that he was the no.1 Terrorist and was on the the no.1 wanted list of the World Criminal Court. This search further led me to you and I thank God that He made me see the Machine Gun Preacher.

    I am grateful to Him that people like you live. May He give us all a big heart and help us Wake Up. Your efforts for this country and it’s people are commending.

    May God be with you and with you in all your efforts. Just like Moses, Elijah and all the great prophets were protected, He will protect you too.

    Thanks and regards
    Elvis & Diana Fernandes

  45. glenn young says:

    glenn young

    hey just want to say great movie and what sam is doing is gold wish i had more time to talk kids r pestering me something wicked. anyway would like to do anything i can to help so i will be trying my hardest to collecet small donations and send them as often as i can……hopeful more in the future

  46. Bryan Warner says:

    After seeing Machine Gun Preacher it inspired me to shift the view of my clothing brand, Initiative Apparel, from helping to raise money for my college education (I’m only 17) to help others through clothes. We are trying to organize a city wide clothing drive/donation by putting donation boxes in stores all over Vegas to donate to Angels of East Africa! We are located in Las Vegas and are always looking for any help if you can in anyway help us that’d be fantastic! Please feel free to contact us at We are currently looking for a charity or something to donate the clothes to and we thought of Angels of East Africa and Machine Gun Preacher first! Thank You Everybody!

  47. lisbeth fajardo says:

    sam: the first time i even heard of this movie is when i seen it this morning i realize how i take things for granted and what ithought was problems arent, icried all through and still have this feeeling of shame and helplessness. and i feel the pain of the children suffering. its awake up call and my heart hurts for their sufferin being my gain, cuz irealize how fortunate and ignorant of our surroundings. i have grown iam with you in spirit and even though ihave any material means to donate i can introduce the many messages that GOD has given me thru you. iam not achurch goer but ibelieve and have faith in GOD is in me.i have been thru alotta learning experiences in my 46 years of livin and im a sinner and been there and lived and learn it, thank u id love you and your family to keep safe. iam now better and first i plan to get the book and movie,and have my kids(5) and grankids watch are GOD sent’. inkachic

  48. keith smith says:

    I thank God for people like Sam. I will pray for you, your family, the children of sudan and the poeple of sudan.
    that Micheal the Archangel will always be with you and those who are with you and help you. God is a God of war. and i know he is with you as I am how joining in you in this fight. I will support you in this fight anyway i can. God bless you and those with you.

    Keith Smith
    Nassau, The Bahamas

  49. Katrina says:

    I just watched the movie and it has moved me. It made me reflect on what I have done in my life. I totally agree with Sam, when he mentioned in one of his interviews, “This movie after you watch it, it’s all about YOU. What are you gonna do now? Thinking about not Sam Childers but about their self. What am I gonna do now to make a difference? What am I going to fully get make a commitment to?”.

    Thank you for inspiring me, giving my life a direction and making me realize what is really important in this world. Perfect movie for a lost soul.

  50. Victoria says:

    I have always been extremely interested in missions and the persecuted church but had never heard of Sam Childers until seeing previews for Machine Gun Preacher and badly wanting to see the movie. I mentioned it over and over to my sis so she sent me the book off my Amazon Wishlist.

    I have to say I just put it down with tears in my eyes…..I have never read something that shines more with the love of Jesus or of someone who truly has his heart, hands, eyes and ears as Sam Childers. Churches are so busy looking down at those like Pastor Childers, convincing themselves that they are lost and going to hell or there ministry is not valid somehow because they aren’t a cookie cutter christian. So many hurting and lost because of this prevalent attitude of the church or the other extreme of name it, claim it and grab it but Pastor Childers is truly a hero of our times.

    He showed me through his words what it truly means to step out in faith when your at your lowest. What it truly means to love Jesus and to serve him. Every chance I get I am going to share this book with others to try and get the word out and than pray about what more I can do. $5 buys one of my boys a happy meal but it could buy a child an education, food or so many other things….really we are blessed beyond measure but so selfish when we cannot even part with $5 it really makes you stop and think

  51. w8 says:

    all I can say is “how can I help?” Just saw the movie two days ago, but I’m already spreading the word on my Facebook, etc mediums. What do you need? I have boots, uniforms, and other assorted military gear. So instead of trying to sell it to surplus dealers, can you use it? All my friends are military, so I think I can their stuff too. We got expertise too. Yeah I’ll buy a tee and keep spreading the word, but like I said, how can I help? w8

  52. Keagan Higgins says:

    This story has filled me with hope because I live in Uganda and I have felt a deep sense of anger because before I saw this film. I felt like no one cared about these people who have had such hardships and that it was impossible to make a difference in this part of the world. Now I know there is something can do to help and that creating awareness is only the first step.

    I think that you Sam Childers are one of the few people on this earth who have the abillity fight for a just and I wish that when I grow up I could be half the man you are.

  53. Francisca Lau says:

    I saw last night the movie with my boyfriend. He is canadian and Im chilean and we both live in Santiago de Chile. The movie for us was amazingly honest, real and touching. This movie make people like me being aware and feel responsable about what is going on for our “brothers” in others country. Im christian, I feel truly sad thinking that we are indiferent to this cause we are far or not being in their situation. I would love to found my mission in life as Sam did and follow it, with all the doubts that can raise in many moments. The family support that I saw in the movie and reading here also touch me, cause is more beautiful when your family is involve too.
    Im going to talk about this with all the people that I can and I wanna say thank you, for make your life worhty for this world, when there is so many out here that we are just figuring out. A big hugh with Faith for you!

  54. kelly lezar says:

    Im from Durban South Africa and hearing about the actions of Kony in East Africa is almost a norm here but watchign Machine Gun Preacher has touched me so much!

    Im very involved with my church in Umhlanga and giving back to the community and those less fortune but wow it never dawned on me just how sad the situation is there! You are doing such an amazing job there and you have made a drastic change in so many of those innocent childrens lives.

    You truely are an inspiration that with God on your side anything is possible. I really want to get involved in this cause, how can I? Im in my final year of school so im not that experineced but this movie has touched me and I want to make a difference in the world, just like you have.

    Kelly Lezar SA

  55. Grant Goodnight says:

    I too saw the film, last night in fact, and was amazed at how someone can actually change their life and impact so many all at the same time. It is truly Gods work through us that makes reveals his miracles and the reason why we are here. I applaud all of you who have helped out and please continue to do so. I am currently serving in the Air Force and in Afghanistan where i think the least of our true problems rely. I only wish that I could be in Sadan helping you fight the good fight. God bless and may our actions speak louder than words!

    Love Grant

  56. mirella says:

    i would like to tell sam that i thank him for coming to our church last year at pathway of life in dallas with paster danny wegman your visit to our church was asome thank you.but i also want to tell you that your book is awsom when sam went to our church and talk tou all of us was so insperational we cried,laugh,and had funbut i was a bit sad becouse i wanted a book but did not have the money to get i but somthing wonderful happend you looked at me gave me a hug and gave me your bookthank you that meant a lot to me and icried of pure joy becouse you are doig a wonderful job i will cherish your book always thank you and may our good lord continue blessing you mirella vega

  57. Steven Costa says:

    Dear Sam,
    I just wanted yo drop you a quick line to say thank you for all the work you have been doing, I have just watched the film MGP and it was moving to see the continuing work you are doing in help the children. Learning about your self sacrifice has made me realise that here is something i could be doing. I am Ex-Military and am currently working for a PMC conducting operations around Africa and The Gulf of Aden. I have little money but i do have my faith and my skill set, if there is anything i could do to help from helping to raise awareness or something more suit to my current abilities please let me know.
    Thank you in advance for your time and for your continued effort.
    Steven Costa
    England. UK

  58. adrian garza says:

    Awesome movie ! Everyone must see ! Great message !

  59. jo says:

    you are a brave man i hhave just watched your flim it was the best flim i have watched the things u have seen and had to do to save the kids is the best i am a biker to and and i have 4 kids off my own and i to would do anythink for my kids to keep them safe alltho im not in to god i do think u are fantastick for what u do i hope one day it will be carm the and the kids can play safe if i could i would give u a hug just to say thanks for opening my eyes to what gose on in this world makes me think how lucky i am take care and be safe from jo in england p.s big reapect to u and what u do xx

  60. Rusty says:

    after reading your book i have not been abel to get these children out of my mind i have been to Haiti every year for the last 9 years and i though i knew what it was to serve GOD now im not so sure.Sam you are one of a kind and GOD has chosen you to serve him and save these children with whatever means you have and as we know he will provide whatever is needed . I cant help but think that if we could collect a dollor from every person thruout the world as a bounty that kona would not be abel to hide for even his own people would want to turn him in. ALL THAT IS NESSARY FOR TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING i look forward to the day that i meet you . GOD has got you at his side and without fear you fight and give all the glory to GOD. with love from a brother thank you for who you are and what you do Rusty

  61. Maria Aparecida says:

    I am from Brazil and live, with my husband, a son of 27 years old and a 22 years old daughter. I saw your movie last night, and it made me so impressed and inspired to continuos doing my work as best I can. I am a police woman in the City of São Paulo, one of the largest countries in Brazil and full of contrasts with respect to our childres. Although 16 years-olds could volunteer to do military service and can vote, children as young as seven continued to be involved in drugs gangs, with specific functions (rewarded financially) in a command structure. It also happens in gangs of thieves. It is a daily battle to rescue them from a life of crimes
    Next year, I intend to do volunteer work in Africa ,and it will be a great pleasure know your work personally. God bless you!!

  62. Tonya Morales says:

    I have seen the movie “Machine Gun Preacher” and I have read the book “Another Man’s War”. I am in awe of what God has done in Sudan through Sam Childers. I just came back from my first mission trip. It was to Uganda, Africa. I immediately fell in love with the children. I pray will get to go back soon.

    I have been telling everyone I know about the book and the movie. How can anyone not take action after hearing this story? I cant be there physically but I can pray for all the people involved with this ministry and I can give money. Thank you God for people like Sam Childers and the other soldiers who are willing to fight.

  63. I just updated my website to include a page dedicated to spreading the word about Sam and his organization and what he is trying to do for the people of Sudan and Uganda. For anyone interested in viewing it I have provided a link for your convenience. Thank you and God Bless. Keep up the good work, Sam! God Bless!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Rachel Frantz

  64. Sami says:

    I can’t stop crying. I never realized how selfish, self loathing, and stupid I had been. A week ago, I tried to kill myself. Why? because I have boy troubles…because i dont have fancy clothes hair or skin. I hated God because I didnt know why I was forsaken. God wasn’t even challenging me. so a boy didnt want to be with me…big deal! I’ve always been an advocate for the children of Africa, and im a strong proponent of PAK47…but when I saw this movie….I realized how wicked I was. God has blessed me with so much in life. I literally have no problems compared to those of these people….And the reason is, is that God wants me to do His will. Whether I have to drop out of Penn State or wait till after graduation…I will make a difference in Africa for these kids…because thats what my life means…a difference for God. I have nothing to be upset about…except the atrocities facing our world. God, Im answering your call…thank you for placing this movie in my life. <3 Hopefully Ill see you there Sam.

  65. Alessandra says:

    Want to say to Sam…thank you:)
    I saw the movie this weekend,and Jesus spoke much and my heart.
    I’m Christian and I live in Brazil…May Jesus continue to strengthen you in this battle:)
    Hugs Alessandra

  66. roderick psaila says:

    i like to tell you ,you changed my life,i taught no one can change his life from bad to showed me it can be done.i wish i could come there and help you ,help these children and kill all those evil persons
    wish you all the best of luck
    roderick psaila from malta

  67. Stacy says:

    The movie ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ was one of the most inspiring movies I’ve ever seen. I shamefully admit I had no idea the degree of horror that was occurring in the Sudan. Both my husband and I feel moved to help these children and support this worthwhile organization. Everyone has their hardships, but seeing this movie really put things in perspective for me. No matter what is going on in our lives, we (in North America) are all fortunate! I know I gave my baby boys lots of extra hugs the day after I watched the movie!!! Even a couple of weeks later, I keep thinking about the movie and that it’s really happening in the world; and how can I help or make a difference? But every contribution helps; every act of kindness. I have told many of my friends and family about the movie and this charity and my husband and I plan to make quarterly donations. God Bless you, Sam! I am in awe of your bravery and courage!

  68. Tom ogrady says:

    I have hat dreams for the last 3/4 years sins I was about 18 years
    Old to do what you are doing for the children of Sudan I haven’t lived
    A week sins then wishing I could help in a way more than giving a donation
    .I am glad there is someone out there helping in the way I wish I could in
    Ground zero helping these children when no one else will I have the up most respect for
    What you are doing for the children of soudan you are like a modern day member
    Of the knights Templar order protecting the children of the church and spreading gods
    Word , one day I hope I an meet you sir andI will show my gratitude and respect for what
    You have done you are the man with one of the biggest hearts in the world may god
    Be with you and all your protectors of the children.

  69. Klement Brandt says:

    Hi I just saw the movie today and i am inspired. Im studying to be a Social worker in Denmark..I finish this summer and Sam`s work have inspired me too do better. I dont belive in god but he and the children are in my heart.
    Klement. Denmark

  70. Justin says:

    Sam’s story is inspiring to say the least, and after much research on the web I can clearly say that sam’s work ( along with the many kind people that help him) is not the work of GOD, but the work of the people, the human and the just. I say this only because gods children ( the church ) has turned there back on helping the children of the world, and after all the church has slaughtered millions of people in the name of the lord and yet as one of the most wealthy organization in the world. Continue the good work Sam and his family and save the children of the world. In my eyes you are “being’s” people of the future and not Christians

  71. Richard Corbett says:

    I wont lie my attention was your film, and i wont ever comment on the films or documents but what has got my attention is somthing which is passionate beyond anything ive known… mother is catholic and my father is protestant….in Northern Ireland in 70s is a war which im brought up wiv…having my father choose an option of love or death!!……we had to move countries and i got raised with true…………….rights and wrongs, im 24 and believe what your doing is what i should be doing ……be amazing if you reply…….if not your an inspiration ….god bless

  72. 1 john 3:18…No words, but real love true ACTION!
    I work in the childrens prison of Uganda. 300 kids between 3- 17 years old, dumped for no reason behind bars. We go to feed, teach, cloth, pray, and most off all to love them. We could ‘save’ now 35 kids to our Home. To give them an normal life and an hopefull future. All is in Gods hands. We see miracles every day!! But it seams that the world doesn’t give a sh.. for what we are doing!!
    Your movie showed exactly how we need to beg on our knees to get some little dollars. Even pictures from our burned Samuel en Mozes. Stories how our John had to kil his mum, dad and 2 sisters. Afterwards they carved his face to always remember it. Justin,a prostitute girl from 8 years old. Acid in the eye of Emma. Burned privat parts …she just died last week. What is wrong in this world. I am shouting as hard as you are preaching. People just come to take pictures to show in home church what THEY have done in the 10 days they where at Uganda. But help, no way!! These kids need fighters! They need arms to run to! They need money to have counseling and schools! They just need LOVE .
    Thank you so much for what you have done. My kids are not ready to watch your movie. But one day , they will. And I am shure ,they will love you and pray for you…for all you have done for there brothers and sisters. For the country and for God.
    God bless you, Love,
    Nathalie Steurbaut, Foodstep Uganda,
    PS We live close to Entebbe Airport, you are always welcome for a visit with us to the childrens prison, a prayer or a strong cup of coffee with some real Belgian chocolat.

  73. Michael Lee says:

    Dear Mr. Childers,

    We were very touched by what you done for the people in East Africa. We will keep you in our prayer.

    Thank you

    Michael & Peggy

  74. Emma says:


    watched the movie and done a lot of research on your mission. My hubby and i are wanting to help raise you some money. We are Australian artist I a photographer and he a graffiti artist based in Melbourne, We would like to hold an exhibition and what ever we sell we would like to give to you and the kids.

    Please get in contact with me via phone +61 434 723 570 or email

  75. matthew tweed says:

    dear Sam, I just watched your movie and have been thinking about you’re cause and I think its really really great what you’re doing for those children.I have no money to give you sadly but I just can’t stop thinking about all you have sacrificed.i’m not what people would call a good person by no means but seeing your sorry has given me hope a hope I thought was gone for good please return my email if I have a chance because I would really love to come to Sudan and join you in your fight for the lives of those babies wig all my heart I’ve never wanted anything more sincerely Matthew Charles Tweed.

  76. Bobbie says:

    Ihave not seen the film yet, but I am really looking forward to watching it. I have started reading Another Man’s war.
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sam for coming to our little town of Tamworth NSW and sharing with us some of the most amazing story’s of how God has provided him for his missions. I have been struggling with my faith, I know how real God is and I love God with all my heart. I sing at my church and this has helped my spiritual growth, all I wanna do is sing to the lord. After seeing Sam the other night my faith has had a huge boost and I feel I now have more strength (from the lord) to tell this nasty spirit of unbelief to leave my head and stop lying to me.

    My Brother is 16 and he and his girlfriend come along to see Sam speak. They both gave there lives to the lord that night. PRAISE GOD. Our father is an alcoholic and is not a very positive influence in our lives. After seeing Sam and hearing him speak Jake has said that Sam is his role model. I am really excited to see what God has in plan for Jake, he has such a gift of Love on his life, he loves animals and children and he is remarkable with them.

    Thank you so much Sam for visiting us here in this little rural town. Praise God for your awesome work you are doing.

    Bless you for you obedience in the lord, it is truly amazing. You are an inspiration.

  77. janet vazquez says:

    I just gave myself to god 3 days before I saw this movie and I just saw this movie yesterday I cried to whole entire movie this is a beautiful story …. You are a brave man and admire you for that….. I will try to donate as many times as i can I’m a poor single mother of three myself but if I can feed my children I can contributed trying to help other children’s of god….. I’m still trying to learn I’m reading the bible and trying to find the right way… But I will pray for u brother because what ur doing is beautiful…god bless you

  78. darren pearce says:

    hi, i don’t follow god but i found myself really moved by the machine gun preacher. Even with putting god aside one mans fight to do what is right and to stop what is wrong has moved me emotionally.
    I have always believed that it takes one person with one unselfish act to make a change. I myself do nothing to make a change and after seeing what Sam is willing to do for others has made me deeply sad. If i take anything from this it will be to make a difference in my life and the life of others.
    thank you Sam

  79. darryn lemon says:

    hi sam seen your movie it was very touching just wanting to know do you need a hand in your efforts over there by the way my name is darryn lemon and im from australia im 41 and am very willing to travel there to help you with your struggle against these terrible people hope to here from you soon all the best to all the kids and all the people that help you in your struggle god bless darryn lemon 46 king street narrandera nsw 2700 australia

  80. Qais Khaled Bougammaz says:

    Dear Preacher ,,

    though am from of a different faith. i refuse but to believe that your a man of greatness and held close to the mighty

    lord himself. its not what we believe in that defines us, rather its our deeds in this life that shall command how would

    we end up in the next one. Sir thought we never meet before. but your a man who i’d be proud to call a brother

    whom i was honored to be breathing on his time in this earth. know that bone judgment day. when Allah decent from

    the heaven. and all men shall stand trail. i would not deny nor shall i fear to share his fate.

    dear sir. i have known war. twice in my life time. one that was forced upon us as kuwaiti’s. when iraq invaded my

    country in 1990. and the second time around. was in 2003 when i volunteered to join the effort in overthrowing

    saddam hussain. and i know sir that the horror’s are beyond words or decryption. and for you to choose to fight a

    war that’s not your own. was not of the easiest paths that you could’ve decided upon. if i ever cursed not being of

    those who dwells on millions of dollars. its when i realized that all can offer is not enough.

    wish that i can join you in arms brother. wish that i could’ve been a solider in your army. a gun you could’ve counted

    on in your fight.

    all i can offer now. a promise that i will spread the word around. and hope that it would prove helpful to your cause.

    in respect to the white preacher. i stand but humbled to the deeds of one man. that decided that holding arms in the

    name of the lord. the god. allah. is the proper action to do.

    your’s faithfully ,,

    Qais Bogammaz, Kuwait.

  81. Justin says:

    Hi Sam and family, I pray our Lord quickens your aim and empowers your men with courage from above, I come from a background of violence and poverty but thanks to His grace and His awesome power I have managed to overcome and break away from my past and build a new future with my loving wife Sharon and our first child not yet born but he is due 26th April about 2 days after you visit our church ‘ Shell Harbour City Community Church in N.S.W. Australia. I am setting up a rural retreat on our farm for young men to rehab and get right with God, Im currently president of a local pistol club and enjoy bow hunting and trap shooting. with many years experience and training in MMA and door work and hunting I never thought God could use those skills ; but watching your movie has really opened my eyes and my heart to a whole new world of possibilities ; and has also re fired my spirit to keep pushing forward no matter what the obstacle . Thankyou so much for not giving up, your message got to me just at the right time, and Ive made a promise to my soon to be born son that I wont give up , Justin Scott

  82. Rita says:

    This is one of the most inspiring , breathtaking movies I have ever watched !! Hours after the movie had finished, I was still in tears. Its beautiful, I appreciate my life and everything around me so much more. It really makes me question how people with nothing can give everything but people with everything give NOTHING ! its a sad world we live in where its all about money , power and fame.. This problem can be stopped if only the rich in the world were not greedy and offered 1 million dollars out of their annual salary. They make more money than we ever will in a decade just in ONE DAY ! I loved the movie , it teachs and preaches and I really hope every single person in the world get to watch it !

  83. David & Pra says:

    Hi Sam and Lynn,

    Just saw your movie inspired and based on your life and sent over some Money for you and the Kids….Awesome to finally see someone who walks the walk in a world of religious rhetoric….You are truly a man to be reckoned with and we would love to support you from our future company projects and charitable events, please write to us and keep us in the loop we feel we can help you to save many lives and pass the message of Hope and Support….Bless you and your Mission from Australia with Love and Respect….Stay well You guys make life worth living!

    David and Pra

  84. Jon David Robinson says:

    my name is Jon Robinson and I just got done watching your movie and was amazed with what you do and honestly would like to help Iam 20 years old and have asked the lord to help me find away to help these kids and luckly he led me to you please let me help if you can. if you would like to call please call 360 591 1174 yes Im a long ways away but I will try to find away down there thankyou and god bless
    Sincerely Jon David Robinson

  85. Mindy says:

    I was so very moved by the movie and had to learn more about what is happening so I found this wonderful website.

    Sam and his dedicated family are such an inspiration. These are a true angels sent form God and for those who can’t see it, turn on the lights. Hello. Why do we have to wait for movie to hear bout this.

    The world needs to wake up to itself. Why are we so blind to the injustices that are being inflicted on our fellow man.
    How is it that countries can give billions for war and corruption but can’t stop a madman from killing innocents. I thought we would have learn’t our lesson from history. Germany, Uganda, Rwanda and Serbia are only s few where killing and genocide have run rampant.

    .What can we do? I thought. I myself can’t help or give much but every little donation and amount helps.
    So I have asked my family not to give me a Mother’s Day gift but instead, give a donation to this wonderful cause.
    I will also be telling my friends in the hope that they too will give a donation.
    These people need our help now. Not tomorrow or next year. TODAY

    Maybe YOU too can come up with a way to help people donate to such a worthy cause.

    What would you give up to help save a life.


  86. keith smith says:

    Hey Sam: keep frigthing the good fright, praying always that Jesus will keep you, family and those in the fright with you. May he give his mighty angels charge over you and those with you.


    Keith Smith
    Nassau, Bahamas

  87. Jacee says:

    I watched the movie, no idea what it was about. Sam, you are a huge inspiration to me. I am a United States Veteran with a rocky past much like yours. It has been unclear to me why people do what they do in this world. I only wish there was a way for me to make an effect like you have done. I am writing this because I don’t know where to go in my life and am lost. If there’s anything I can do to make a change please let me know. Have a safe passage to where ever you are going, god speed.

  88. Ina says:

    Moved…inspired…calm…a feeling of something more important than myself or my surroundings. This is how I felt after watching this movie, I wanted to see more. I sat there in my chair while the credits were running just waiting, I’m not sure what for, but I felt so many deep emotions it was hard to put a finger on just how I felt. Proud that one man could rise above such a troubled life and have the dedication and drive to make such a difference in such a worldly manner. I have always wanted to travel to Africa to help the children ever since I was a young girl. I remember my mother telling me to eat what was on my plate and not waste because there were children starving in Africa and they would give anything to even have my scraps. If I could figure out how to help out in Africa, besides sending monetary contributions, I would be there in a heart beat. I have researched volunteer programs, but always get so confused.
    After watching this, which I rent a local kiosk, I started looking for it in the store to purchase, when it was sold out at our local Wal-Mart I decided to just go ahead and rent it again and keep looking for it to come back in stock. I have watched it several times now and each time I see something new I missed.
    I have shared it with so many people and talked about that many friends have purchased it. I wish a percentage of the proceeds of each movie sold would be set aside to help the people of Uganda.
    Anyway, God Bless you Sam Childers for what you are doing and may God be with all you as you travel back and forth to help the children of Uganda.

  89. Jonathan Mead says:

    I respect and honor this man, what has done and where he is going. I was touched to the core of my sould when I rented this movie. I knew of the atrocities in Africa, although, no one ever speaks of this in the news media. Im not sure the liberal media even cares. The God of the Bible is the God we serve. Although I can not donate, I have been unmployed since 2009, I can and will pray for this ministry. May God keep you all safe in your ministries in Sudan and around the world. Psalm 91:10 ” There shall no evil befall the, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” Pastor may God give you the strength and resources to continue your continued work. I will pray for you and your ministry. As a seasoned Veteran of the US Army, If I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I too am very thorough and efficient in small arms tactics and techniques. Job 4:8 “Even as I have seen, they that plow inquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.” All scripture was taken from the KJV of the Dake’s Annotated Bible. God bless you.

  90. Beatriz Cordova says:

    I feel so happy, mi son told me last night he had watched the movie and he loved it and catched the idea of the meanning of religion conversion, ohhh God I couldn’t believe it!!! Y have prayed for years to introduce my son to this belief -that is mine- since he has had a very troubled life, but he had been always reluctant (he is so very sensitive and very suspicius for not to be forced to), so I never saw a chance. But now, the movie -and better, Sam’s life- inspired to my son at last. Please pray for him, I think it is the perfect moment to persued him to take this feeling and put him in the right course. Please pray for him, I’m begging you!, this can be the moment I have waited for so long!!!!

  91. Robert says:

    I just finished watching Machine Gun Preacher and my prayers go out to you and your family. I myself am out of work and strugling to make it or I would do all I could to help but know that you will be in my prayers every night. I spent five long years with the army in South America and know what they do there and thow it is not the same in some ways it is in others. In places like that they don’t care about nothing but what they can get for themselves not the childern someone has to stand up and say enough is enough and I am glad you are doing that for them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. BUT DON,T FORGET TO KEEP YOUR HEART CLOSE TO GOD HE WILL HELP KEEP YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH. If it is posable email me some times and let me know how it is going and when I get back to work I will do all I can to help. YOUR FRIEND AND BROTHER IN CHRIST.

  92. stacie rosenlund says:

    in 4 words, YOU HAVE MOVED ME .. and for that i am blessed.. !

  93. james corder says:

    very wife and i rented the video.i am 64 years old’and a cancer surviver.i also had a bad life before i found jesus.he saved me from my reched self.thank you for helping those people.your calling is greatly appreacheaded.i have dodge a few bullets myself.we will help as much as we can.keep up the good work.;jim and family

  94. Dominc says:

    Machine Gun Preacher is a film which everyone should be made to watch. It educates you to what is going on in the world which you are never taught about. It’s all well and good to learn about Hitler but he is the past, we can’t change nor alter what he is done, but with this you can. Sam I hope you all the best with what you are doing, my dream would be to come and join you. I have written essays for school on you, the effects you have had on the country and Kony’s horrific plan. Yes I am still in school (I’m 14) and when i leave i will join, there is not a thing that i want to do than help you, stood sibe by side with my hero. 6 more years and i WILL be out their with you. Stay safe.
    Your future partner, Dominc.

  95. Teresa Choutka says:

    Sam and Lynn, your book Another’s mans War, was wonderful it change my life. I just pick it up my chance. God said look at this book. My husband has stage 4 brain cancer ,glioblastomas not good/ We are in around 3 of chemo and radiation. Your book gave me hope for the future. To believe in miracles. You do such good work for the kids in Sudan and the kids of Africa. I wish i could give more. You and your wife are my heroes!! Soldiers for Jesus!!!! Please pray for my husband Fritz. And we have been praying for the kids of Africa and you and your family. God Bless, Teresa Choutka, PS: I am not afraid of any one that will sue me. ( Ha, Ha). Sam I wish I could do more then give money. Please let me know how I can help? I know my husband is sick, but we want to help!!!! Teresa

  96. Steve W says:

    Greetings Sam,

    I just had the honour of watching MGP and wanted to pass along my support and appreciation for what you are doing. I am in the Canadian Military and I spent 6 months in South Sudan (Yambio, Western Equitoria State) in 2006/07 and I can honestly say that experience changed my life. I worked very closely with the local SPLA Commander, Joint Integrated Unit (JIU) Commander as well as members of the WES Government (Yambio is tha Capitol), along with several NGO groups. At that time the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was just in its infancy of being implement and it was an honour to carry on the work that the Hon John Garang had worked so hard to establish. While I was there the LRA were also very active in WES, but there were also peace talks going on so they were not as violent as they had been. I was hoping to return to South Sudan for the 2011 Referendum, but unfortrunately I couldn’t get another position. South Sudan will always have a place in my heart and I am humbled by people like you who put the situation there above their own. I met many missionaries there who have been living/working in South Sudan for years, for little reward, little profit and in very harsh conditions. Keep up the good work and God Bless the beautiful people of South Sudan. I hope the future brings your Country the peace it deserves.

  97. Angel Cope says:

    I have to say I have heard about the plight of the Sudan people, but this was eye opening.

    For me, it showed me several things.

    1) my brother was an ex-convict who found the Lord radically, his life supernaturally saved and spared time and time again. but because of the offense and rejection from “the church” and road blocks that life as an ex-convict brings, he found himself back in the same life again. He was dead 6 months later. … I am at peace that God has him now, and he is free of the demons he fought so hard with in his life.
    But it always blesses me to see men from the same background and struggles he faced to come out of it with a story and a deep love for the “down trodden”

    Here, in Ga., we have had the pleasure of knowing a couple of men doing great things for God, helping the homeless, the abused women and children, the drug addicts, literally pulling them out from under the bridges of Atlanta.

    It is a restoration to my spirit which gets so heavy with the decline of this world, and equally the church, to see God doing such a work through them. I only wish my brother could have known men like Sam Childers, and these other men I have had the pleasure of knowing, that he might have seen what God had for him on this earth.

    2) To see a man lay down his life for the cause God has called him to, is (amazingly) a rare thing even in the body of Christ. It is a challenge to me to ask myself how much more do I have to lay down. How much more do I need to let go of and sacrifice. To lay down the “American Dream” for the sake of God’s purpose.

    Thank you so much! I do not idly say you are in my prayers.


  98. Chris Purcell says:

    I am ready to come help! I am a veteran, a former addict, I changed my life, went to college and got a job coaching elementary school children. I play drums in the praise band at church and have been asking God to show me his plan. I believe I am supposed to come help Sam. I truly feel called. Ready to help! Chris Purcell

  99. Ronel Ludick says:

    For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a missionary in Africa, I stay in South Africa and I have done a lot for the local children, but I have always wanted to go and just love the hurt out of children in post war or war torn countries. God then sent a little Zulu boy my way, he was in a bad state and at 9 months old he became my son. Though I still dream of going to Africa, Africa somehow came to me and I am loving the hurt out of my little Africa Zulu.
    Yet I know someday I will forfill my dream and Sam inspired me to continue dreaming, not to give up, one day I too will make an impact, other than the one I`m making now.
    Thank you Sam for listening to God`s voice, thank you for caring, thank you for being you. You are truly a man of God. I am proud to call you my Christian brother.

  100. Jacky Glynis says:

    Comment from The Netherlands,
    I follow on f.b. the actions of Sam Childres and his organisation. I admire his actions and the support from his family & friends. Recently I was making contact at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local church association, hopefully they`ll sending an donation to this organisation. If I could, I would go myself to help in South Sudan, nothern Oeganda or Ethiopia. Nevertheless, miracles are happen so maybe I can in the future or other people!?. Bless the people who`re saving humanity, especially innocent children.

  101. Gavin Hunt says:

    I was flipping through the channels and seen this movie called Machine Gun Preacher. My first thought when I read the title was low budget cheesey flick, but flipped it on any way for a good chuckle. When I turned it on I seen Gerard Butler. Thought he does do low budget. My interest was peaked. I couldn’t stop watching. I have told a lot a people about the movie. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the preacher. Takes real guts to put it all on the line. Got me thinking, so many people talk and complain about slavery that happened 300 years ago, but do nothing about the slave trade that is taking place as I type this. What can an average guy do to help? Here in America the big topic is women wanting to be men and men wanting to be women. Seems kinda trivial when little kids are dying and worse. Thanks for the movie. Opened my eyes. Hats off to you. Keep your knees in the breeze.

  102. I went and saw Sam at the Tent of Hope last Friday night, I had heard about him and the work that the team were doing and wanted to see for myself this man as I had heard good and bad spoken about him and his ministry.
    Well I personally found him to be a real down to earth man with the heart of the Father for these children. I have been a foster carer for 18 years now and at present have a 2 yr old boy and 5 yr old girl. The boy I have had since his birth. I bought Sams documentary at the Tent and it was great, when I got to the part where he was leaning over the little boy who had his bottom half blown off, it broke me as it broke Sam, it reminded me of the little guy I have and how these kids need people who genuinely care for them and are not just about the glory for themselves. At present in Australia there is a vote going out to have SSM and also we are having Safe school program introduced to schools. many people are voting for these things and the Christians that are saying No are really being victimized. I posted a short clip from this documentary on one of my fb pages “Christians on the coast” it was the bit when Sam said today many people will not stand up for what is right…..powerful and very timely for Australia and I believe all around the world. I also was touched by Sams wife and the hardships they went through to get to this point, she is a beautiful woman and although it is hard at times when you are not the one who got the initial call to go, she caught the vision through Sams persistence at following God, and also at the sacrifice even of his time with his own children – this is something hard to live with at times. God is faithful and He will continue to hold their family together and restore to them the years that have been stolen, on the other hand if Sam hadn’t been called to the ministry and was still caught up in the lifestyle he had before it would of been much worse for his children eh…so Loved the documentary, loved the ministry, loved Sam and his family, loved the encouragement and inspiration I received from it. thanks Corinne

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