• General Donation

  • Help Purchase A Well for clean drinking water in orphanages
    COST: USD$8000 (June 2017 onwards)

  • Child Rescue in Sudan
    COST: USD$15000

  • Our organisation is entirely dependent on donations: we do not receive funding from governments or political organisations so the day-to-day survival of the people we help is in your hands.

    Maintaining this financial independence ensures that we can spend your money where it’s needed most. We don’t pay ourselves ridiculous salaries, we don’t buy luxury vehicles and we don’t live in Beverly Hills.

    Every cent of the money you donate will go straight to the front lines: helping to provide clean water, food, shelter, education, infrastructure, counselling or rescue.

    Make a donation today and help the Machine Gun Preacher to create a better world for disadvantaged people everywhere.

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