In the Shadow of the Valley of Death

The Journey to Darfur

17 August 2010: The Machine Gun Preacher, an Australian film crew, and seven Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers journeyed from Nimule, Southern Sudan, to the border of South Darfur. Conditions in the area, long rumoured to be troubled by war, were some of the worst that Sam and his team had ever seen. In one particular town, the local villagers ate mud and drink sewage to survive.
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Together we make a Difference

September 2010 Children’s Village

The September 2010 mission trip was a great success! The team erected a water tower, painted a heap of buildings, installed a second toilet and worked some magic on the shower block.
One young lady from Minnesota gave the children a few kites and some bubble blowing kits. The bubble kits we such a hit that the children kept blowing bubbles well into the night, even though they couldn’t see them!

Many of the guys and gals on the trip commented on how happy the children were. It’s testament to the great work of the Children’s Village staff that even our most traumatised children can be rehabilitated to enjoy their lives.

Thanks to the September 2010 team for making the effort to visit our orphanage in Sudan and become agents of change. Special thanks to Dito and Joe who just keep coming back!

On the Road

Machine Gun Preacher Speaking Tour

It’s official! The Machine gun Preacher is about to embark on another speaking tour. Please check the dates and venues below to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to meet the MGP and hear what he has to say. Merchandise and signed copies of Sam’s auto-biography, Another Man’s War, will be available to purchase at each venue.
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