An Update From Sam

Over the last couple of years, our work has really expanded into 3 different countries of Africa, one of them being Ethiopia


We’re working a few hours south of Addis in a place called Nazret which at this time we are fully running and caring for an aids orphanage (it does not mean that the children have aids, but they orphaned due to aids from the parents).

We have also in this area built a school from the foundations up, which is actually being used for the children at this time, and along with that, we do a feeding program of about 165 children per day.

Our upcoming project for Ethiopia is that we’re building a new orphanage that will have a restaurant and a bakery with it, where the children can learn a trade as well. This orphanage will be used for children mainly from the age of 13 or 14 years old up.

(Copies of the orphanage blueprint coming soon)


Most people know that we’ve been working in Uganda for several years.

We have one home in Kampala where we have 15 children from south Sudan are being schooled, and along with that, we support the school in the Kampala area.

We feed over 770 children per day, and this feeding program has been going on for nearly 6 years.

We also have a home in Gulu where we have children that we have had this base for over a decade and we house approximately 15 children at this base as well.

All of these children are being school in Uganda being educated in Uganda for one of our upcoming projects, we’re building a 4 storey building in Kampala, which this orphanage one of the floors will be used for older children who are going to universities.

And the rest of the building will be used to generate money as well as to teach trades to these children.

A restaurant, a supermarket, a salon, and hotel rooms on one of the floors which will be rented out.

So it’s not just about education, it’s about teaching a trade to these children for the years to come.

Everyone knows our 3rd country is Sudan where we have had an ongoing project for the last 15 years.

18 Responses to An Update From Sam

  1. Cindy says:

    I am amazed at the extent of your efforts to help these kids and families. May God continue to richly bless your ministry. Thank you for the movie “Machine Gun Preacher” through which I became aware of your story. I have read autobiographies of African kids who were terrorized and were fortunate enough to immigrate to the US, and their stories are very enlightening of what is really going on in various areas of Africa.
    In Christ,

  2. mark s crutcher says:

    Hey Sam, i just watched the movie. you have just gained my complete n total respect n loyalty.. i will help u fight the good fight with my continued donations. i’ve always said when you talk the talk you must walk the walk and your living proof of that phrase. i’m ashamed to even say this but starting with my NEXT paycheck i will regularly help support your cause. when i say ashamed i mean saying next. all i have left to say is GOD Bless YOUR Cause, Your Family, and You. with respect, mark s. crutcher

  3. KellyScott says:

    I watch the movie and it has changed me so much. I ask myself what can I do right this moment. and that is to give to these precious children. I will be a continuing supporter for all that Sam does. What a blessing. God is good.


  4. carmel davies says:

    can you put details of your missions trips and an update on what your doing at the moment on Facebook,as i’m sure other christian nations would have ppls who would like to do a hands help with your project or support by buying clothing. God bless you,your team and your church for your action for those needy children in Sudan,carmel davies

  5. mike says:

    After watching the movie about your life (some of which I assume took some poetic license), I was moved by how truthful and raw it was about your life before your acceptance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how later on in your walk you strayed and had your faith tested as we all do at some point in our lives. Make no mistake about it, you are doing God’s work and I will pray for you, your staff, security, children & family. I have purchased your book and have donated $100 for the orphanage and I will do so regularly. I encourage you, always pray and ask the Lord for his guidance and blessing in everything you do and God’s will will always be done. God bless and protect you and all your staff and children in Africa. Your brother in Christ, Mike

  6. Jacob Archambault says:

    I have a heart similar to yours in regards to the desire to help the children of Africa who are in need. I want to help the Street orphans living in Masaka, Uganda, but I have not the slightest clue how to get supplies over to them without all of it being rummaged through and then taken by the government. Do you make supply deliveries to Uganda regularly? If so, could I put the box of clothes and toys I want to get to these children in with a delivery going over? I want to get supplies delivered to these children safely so that they are no longer eating out of the dumpster every day. I want to send enough clothes so that they can have some themselves and sell the extras for food but only if food is too dangerous to send over or if it wouldn’t make it past customs or something. If you cannot help this fellow Christian out yourself, i ask that you would at least point me in the right direction to go to help these children so that i can pursue this struggle for the survival of others until the task is complete. i do not wish to stop until these children no longer need my help.
    Thank you,
    Jacob Archambault

  7. Amanda Jones says:

    Movie touched me on so many levels. I am a nurse and am ready to drop everything to come and help. My husband and 3 year old say different. What I can do at this time is spread the word and raise money. It’s headed your way! May God rest his angel wings on your shoulder and see you through the end! Thank you for being what so many of us aren’t!

  8. Gary Watt says:

    I am not religious, and if your experience teaches me anything, it is that if there is a god he is not my type of person, letting these things happen. You on the other hand , have my respect.
    I will donate.

  9. Ryan Scadden says:

    I pray that your mission continues with blessings from god that many more children will be saved through your groups effort..

  10. KAren shumate says:

    We just finished watching the movie
    Machine gun preacher. I hope more people
    Watch this movie.
    Reminds us how fortunate we are to be
    Able just to have a good nights.
    A small thing we take for granted until
    You watch a movie like this.
    Wishing you lots of donations & keep
    The love in your heart

  11. Gary Parenteau says:

    Please help us to get involved with your organization as we have been unable to contact you as it appears your 800 number does not work in Canada. Is there a number for Canadians we really want to get involed.

  12. G-D bless you, my brother. I’m stay a contact with you to prepare your visit in Brazil!!!! I hope the G-D’s Grace are under you, your family and Ministry. Shalom!

  13. Richard says:

    I saw the movie and I had to fight back the tears this is how I see the church should be this is how I should be I will like to be part of this.May our Father continue BLESSING YOU TO DO WHAT HE HAVE PUT IN YOUR PATH.

  14. David Senecal says:

    I saw on the web negetive remarks coming from a Christian Group,plus others knocking down the efforts of Sam who put his life on the line to help save children in the Sudan.Sam walked the walk,not talk the talk,let him be praised for his kind deeds to help those in need.Leadership and action for a good cause,Biker to Biker God Speed may he bless and watch over you Regards,Biker Dave

  15. Bulletproof says:

    I want to come an help.

  16. Maxi Hurtado says:

    I saw the film with my wife and the first thing that we do when we finished, was entered in the web page and donate for the project. We are shocked, but proud to know that there are persons that gives everything to save the children´s life.
    It,s really difficult to imagine the reality of this countries in Africa, but with the film and the page, we what´s really happening.
    I´m from Argentina and I hope that you can understand what I am trying to tell because my spoken laguage is Spanish.
    You have a new fan in Argentina!!!
    I wish there were more persons like you in Latinamerica!!
    Thanks for your work,

  17. Janet says:

    I’ve cried my heart out when I saw the movie. It was an eye opener, thank you Sam for putting into perspective of what matters and that sometimes, we truly do take for granted of what we have. Thank you so much. God Bless you and the children, and I will pray to the Lord to bless you and your cause. I’ve also recommended for others to watch the movie.

    God Bless,


  18. Thomas and Aimee Wehner says:

    We loved and were inspired and extremely humbled by the movie MGP. We will be praying for Sam, his family and the children in Africa. Thank you for opening our eyes to what is going on in Africa…we never knew.

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